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Gemstones that give you the fashion edge.
Sure, different gemstones give you different benefits, but when you choose them perfectly, they help you enhance your look, too. When you treat them like a part of you jewellery, you can complement your wardrobe with the gemstone you are wearing to give you a distinct look. Another common trend among people is that they carefully choose the perfect gemstone according to the seasons, especially the festive season and this helps them sport the perfect look.…Read more

The Yellow Sapphire – The most powerful of all gemstones.
The yellow sapphire, popularly known as the Pukhraj, is a powerful gemstone that is believed to give miraculous progress if worn after analysing properly. It is the gemstone of planet Jupiter, also known as Brihaspati in Hindu Astrology. A member of the corundum family, the yellow sapphire is the red ruby’s and the blue sapphire’s twin. It gets its yellow colour from the iron present in it, and the shade of yellow defers with the varying quantity of iron in it. Commonly found in yellow, orange, or golden shades, this gemstone, when it contains the most number of inclusions, is known to be of the highest quality…Read more

Ruby–king of all gemstones.
TThe ruby gemstone, popularly known as the Manikya stone, is a precious stone that is inspired by the sun. In Hinduism, the sun is at the centre of our culture and plays an important role. It is the main source of energy and the most important aspect of the universe. The ruby, imbibes the energy of the sun, and is therefore the strongest and much-revered gemstone by all.…Read more

The art of choosing the perfect gem stone.
We all know the wonders wearing the right gem stone can do for us. But, aren’t fully aware of the entire study of gemstones. For most people, the path to getting themselves a gem stone is laid with many obstacles. Like, not knowing which one to use? Or failing to understand which one will suit us the best? How much these gem stones cost?…Read more


  • client I bought Emerald from Lucky Stones it was really great experience to buy stone online . Team Lucky Stones assist me every step on buying and ensure me about the quality of the Stone as well. Good Customer support !

    - Milind

  • client I recently bought yellow sapphire from Lucky stones I am very happy with services they provided and the quality of stone is excellent, Mr. Yogesh who helped me tremendously and sorting all my queries at all the time. Overall the appearance of the product was excellent and packing was very good. I am very pleased overall and I think it is worth what I spent.

    - -Rakesh Sawant

  • client I ordered An Emerald & Pearl from Lucky Stones. Stones comes in a beautiful box in which stones are absolutely safe. The quality of both stones is really good, I Didnt find any type of dot, cut etc on the stones, They delivered me what I want. Thank You Team Lucky stones.

    - - Prakash yadav

  • client The service from Lucky stones was exceptional and first class. I had a very positive experience from the first purchase of gemstone, including communication through to delivery of the ring. A very trustworthy and reliable team. Thank you for making my experience pleasant.

    - - Vijay venkatraman

  • client Maine lucky stone sa lahsuniya lia muhja bhuta acha mila aur ring banaware very good ring ji, Fr Maine panna maga wa ya Maine panna locked banaya me lucky stone ke service sa bhuta khush ho locked bi very very good tha, Fr Maine rudraksh maga wa ya wa bi very good tha me lucky stone ke service sa bhuta khush ho aur on ka staff sa bhuta yada khush ho me aur order ko bolo ta ho me, Wa mera sath bhuta da ta hai thank u lucky stone ka me.

    - Madan Lal , Delhi

AboutLuckystones is a sister concern company of Rajmal Lakhichand which is building trust since 1854. We at always prefer to give quality and the best services and product possible. Maintaining our customer base is very important and we work towards it. We try to fulfil all kind of astrological needs you as a customer may have. We currently provide precious gemstones, semi precious gemstones, all rudraksh, yantra,free gemstone recommendation, Free daily panchang, Free horoscope and Free kundali matching services..

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