A guide to Indian astrological gemstones: what to wear & for what reason.

As per Indian astrology, gemstones are associated to the celestial wonders of the universe. They harp on the energies of nature and the cosmos and give the wearer mythical powers. According to a person’s horoscope and life chart, different gemstones are prescribed to people to achieve their desired results. Here are some of the common problems many people face because the right gemstone can resolve them:

For marriage

There are many stones that one can wear to resolve the issue of marriage. Though the right gemstone varies from person to person, some of the popular gemstones that are commonly referred to people are the ruby, the blue sapphire or the Neelam, the emerald, etc. These stones create a favourable condition for the wearer to meet their ideal partner. Or, in cases of a struggling relationship, this stone is believed to bring peace and create a more healthy and romantic relationship.

Lucky Stones can achieve your goal

For children.

For kids too, there are several kinds of gemstones that can help shape their life and careers better. Some of them are the amethyst, moonstone, rose quartz, tiger eye (Buy Now), and more. Therefore these stones help children overcome obstacles. Right form improving their concentration and improving their education to keeping them healthy and active, the perfect gemstone can do marvels for your kid.

For politics, employment, finding the right job or career.

The hessonite granite, emerald, coral and cat’s eye are some of the gemstones that help bring success in job and career. After carefully reading the horoscope of the person because wearing the right gemstone can bring about a lot of positivity in one’s work environment. One can begin to feel more confident, their efforts will begin to get appreciated and people who are appearing for their first job or are looking for a new job will find what they are looking for by wearing the correct gemstone.

For monetary stability.

Citrine, green Aventurine, pyrite, jade are some of the gemstones that bring money and most importantly financial success to a person. These stones facilitate in growth and development, and at the same time is said to also bring wisdom and more efficiency in handling money, because it will help in emotional clarity and balance.

For health.

Good health and wellness are some of the things everybody seeks in his or her life. These stones boost you up whenever you are feeling down and helps to improve mental clarity and therefore improves everyday mood and bring hope and faith. They help in creating a calm and stress-free environment.

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What is Cats Eye? Lehsunia

Myluckystones’s  Lehsunia Ratna (Cats Eye Gemstone)

The astrological benefits of Cats Eye gemstone, has gained popularity not only due to its mystical appearance, but also because of its mysterious healing power. Lehsunia gemstone, Cats Eye,  is known to bring luck. and also trigger the wearer’s inbound and spiritual powers. It heals emotional wounds and stimulates creativity. Encouraging self-control or detachment from unhealthy materialism. It is also known to help in curing terminal diseases like” paralysis” and “cancer”.

Cats Eys gemstones

Ketu is a mythical planet and does not have a physical form. Lehsunia can make the Karmic losses less painful and stimulate gains. Lehsunia emits strong vibrations that positively influence various chakras. The heart chakra is primary, while alignment of the torso chakras like the Solar Plexus, the sacral chakra and the Third-Eye Chakra is secondary.

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What is Emerald? Panna

Myluckystones’s Panna Ratna (Emerald Gemstone)

The astrological benefits of Emerald stone, stimulates optimism by attracting positive elements from the air. It helps in getting clarity of speech, avoiding fickle-mindedness and directing focus where it is needed the most. The energies of Panna Ratna also assist in curing various physical ailments like breathing problems, cancer, hypertension, paralysis etc. Intellectuals and seekers benefit the most by wearing this gemstone. It encourages compassion and love.

Emerald Gemstones

It is a good idea indeed to gift an Panna to a loved one. Expression, rationalization and awareness are three vital aspects that can be balanced by the Panna stone Panna directly influences the Anahata Chakra. If one reacts to everyday nuances in a very extreme manner, Panna helps to keep the balance. It helps us comprehend our emotions and deal with them in a better way.

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What is Pearl? Moti

Myluckystones.com’s Moti Ratna (Pearl Gemstone)

The astrological benefits of Pearl also known as Moti, is “Acting as a protective shield” and a healing gem stone the Moti Ratna also boosts the wearer’s memory. An embodiment of a balanced and calm mind, it is quite often used to ward of negative tendencies like aggression. It helps control mental agitations of the wearer and guides in seeking solution with a calm and holistic perspective.

pearl gemstones moti

Similar to the tides on earth, the moon’s gravity pull has quite an effect on human beings. Motis help in stimulating the balancing energies of moon by countering inner dryness. Moti is the gemstone of mind, emotions and the soul. So it is only natural that Motis effect our Sacral Chakra. Also known as Swadhisthana, this is the Chakra responsible for creativity, wellness, pleasure and abundance.

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What is Hessonite? (Gomed Ratna)

MyluckyStones’s  Gomed Ratna (Hessonite)

The astrological benefits of Gomed Ratna also known as hessonite, ensure success, health, wealth and luxury in the wearer’s life. Since it directly influences the Muladhara Chakra, which governs our material life, the Gomedh Ratna stone has a positive effect on our goals, strategies and hence we achieve great heights. Increasing clarity in vision, it increases courage in the wearer and helps to express and communicate his/her emotions better. It also helps to cure or heal, complex diseases.

Gomed Ratna

Rahu is undoubtedly an important astrological planet, however it does not have physical existence in the solar system. Signifying the north node of the moon and lower half of a snake, it is an extremely strong planet. The root Chakra or the Muladhara chakra, forms the starting point of our growth. The Kundalini Shakti which is stored in this Root chakra is positively or negatively affected by Rahu. Gomedh helps to balance this energy. The astrological benefits of Gomed Ratna.

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What is Ruby? (Manak)

Myluckystones.com’s  Manak Ratna (Ruby)

The astrological benefits of Manak Ratna also known as ruby in English, Rubies are known to boost vitality by influencing blood circulation in the wearer. This is a stone that focusing on the development and growth of the ‘self’.

It is deeply associated with the matters of love, given its colour and vigor. The hotness in nature and thus extremely impactful while overcoming depression, boredom or any kind of dullness. It helps to generate passion, improve eyesight and also achieve progress in true self-awareness.

Ruby gemstones Manak Ratna

Sun is the reason for life. It nurtures us humans, while giving us the vitality and energy we need in the outside world. Wearing a Manak, provokes this energy, thus positively influencing the wearer’s body, mind and soul. Affects the Base Chakra, or Root Chakra. A balanced Root chakra is most important for any kind of growth- physical or spiritual. Rubies play their part in the balancing.

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What is Diamond? (Heera)

Myluckystones.com – Heera Ratna (Diamond)

The benefits of Heera, diamond. Heera Ratna is popularly known as diamond, is often called a healing stone. Due to its purifying and illuminating effect on the wearer’s Aura. Diamond is all girls favourite, the bigger the diamond bigger the jump of joy and happiness. Heera Ratna is known to be an embodiment of grace, beauty, love and trust all over the world. One of the major reasons why most prefer a Heera Ratna engagement  ring over any other. Heera Ratna cleanses the wearer’s negative aura, giving way for clarity of thought.

Diamond Stone well known as Heera

Venus is the planet for diamond. Wearing a Heera helps to balance Venus and increase wealth, romance, glamour, happiness, luxury and also the chances of a long lasting loving marriage. The Crown Chakra is one of the most important Chakras since it connects us to our innermost beliefs and patterns. We become harmonious with the world.

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What is Hakik and its benefits?

Myluckystones.com Hakik – Aget Ratna

What is Hakik and its astrological benefits? The Aget Ratna stone (Hakik) is very beneficial in stabilizing and directing the wearer’s emotions in a positive manner. When it comes to generating feelings of acceptance and courage and forgiveness. If you are working towards healthy relationships and emotional stability, the Aget Ratna stone is sure to help you achieve your goal.

hakik stone the protect from evil eye

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What is Amethyst? Katela Ratna

MyLuckyStones.com Amethyst – Katela Ratna

The benefits of wearing Amethyst?

Katela ratna is popularly known as Amethyst, in English which  is a hit in medical astrology as it is known to be a great remedy for back pain and stomach pain.  One of the greatest benefits of wearing the Katela Ratna stone is its impact over the wearer’s spiritual life. The stone is beneficial in meditation. It also helps restore balance, harmony and knowledge in the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of the wearer’s life. It defeats sources of inferiority complex. ASK FOR ASTROLOGER

Katela is known to have multiple benefic effects over the wearers mind as well as the body. That it affects two most important chakras of the body: Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.  Considered as the father of time and matter, Saturn indeed impacts a large part of a person’s life. Katela wearers encourage benefits from the Saturn.

Amethyst stones, Raw stone

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What is Tiger Eye stone? -Chiti Ratna

MyLuckyStones Chiti Ratna  – Tiger Eye 

Chiti Stone Tiger Eye , wearers experience increased vitality in their body and increased vibrancy in their thoughts.   The gemstone helps the body as well as the mind of the wearer. Health and prosperity is boosted; The stone brings in the missing Vigor and helps the wearer’s life to become more complete. It wards off evil eye and brings considerable luck to the wearer. It is also one of the most affordable of all gemstones.

Tiger eye stone

The Chitti Stone is ruled by astrological planets mars and sun, both of which lend their energy to this bold gemstone. Vitality and vigor of both these planets have a positive influence over the wearer’s well being. This gemstone has multiple impacts on two of the most important Chakras of the wearer’s body. The root Chakra strengthens inner strength, while the Solar Plexus chakra helps increase energy in the wearer’s body. (ASK FOR Astrologer)

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