What is Cats Eye? Lehsunia

Myluckystones’s  Lehsunia Ratna (Cats Eye Gemstone)

The astrological benefits of Cats Eye gemstone, has gained popularity not only due to its mystical appearance, but also because of its mysterious healing power. Lehsunia gemstone, Cats Eye,  is known to bring luck. and also trigger the wearer’s inbound and spiritual powers. It heals emotional wounds and stimulates creativity. Encouraging self-control or detachment from unhealthy materialism. It is also known to help in curing terminal diseases like” paralysis” and “cancer”.

Cats Eys gemstones

Ketu is a mythical planet and does not have a physical form. Lehsunia can make the Karmic losses less painful and stimulate gains. Lehsunia emits strong vibrations that positively influence various chakras. The heart chakra is primary, while alignment of the torso chakras like the Solar Plexus, the sacral chakra and the Third-Eye Chakra is secondary.

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