Should gemstones be worn according to the date of birth?

Indian Vedic Astrology is a deep study that has fascinated scientists for several decades. The study of gemstones is a branch of that science that deals with several precious gemstones garnering energy from the several planets of the world and other celestial wonders to give the wearer the desired results. It is a very complicated science and people often consult people who have rich experience in understanding life chart and horoscopes.

In Indian Vedic Astrology choosing the right gemstone depends largely on the date of birth of a wearer and their life charts. Depending on the date of birth, the horoscope of the person is determined and after carefully taking into consideration the life charts of the person, because the right stone is decided to help him or her achieve the desired results. This is the most crucial step. Because all the gemstones a special and has different powers. The right gemstone differs according to the person wearing it.

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Often, to ascertain which gemstone to wear, one must know which part of their life chart needs to be strengthened or weakened. Studying the position of the planets and their alignment to the sun. In Vedic Astrology, every planet has a particular gemstone. For example, the ruby is for the Sun, pearl is for the Moon, red coral is for Mars, emerald is for Mercury, yellow sapphire is for Jupiter, diamond (Buy Now) is for Venus and blue sapphire is for Saturn.

To put across the logic behind wearing gemstone to you in the easiest manner, according to some life charts, wearing the right gemstone helps in maximising the effect of a particular planet. It means that if you wear the gemstone of a balefic planet according to your horoscope. You will gain more benefits from that planet. Whereas, if you wear the gemstone of a malefic planet, you may be in trouble. As you will increase the power of your enemy planet.

To summarise, one’s date of birth plays a major role in determining which gemstone; It is very important because, after finding out the exact beneficial planet in your horoscope. Then only can one know which gemstone to wear. It all depends on the condition of the plants, their alignment.

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