Gemstones that give you the fashion edge.

Sure, different gemstones give you different benefits, but when you choose them perfectly, they help you enhance your look, fashion edge. When you treat them like a part of you jewellery, you can complement your wardrobe with the gemstone you are wearing to give you a distinct look. Another common trend among people is that they carefully choose the perfect gemstone according to the seasons, especially the festive season and this helps them sport the perfect look.

Fashion Edge

Here are the top five gemstones that you can wear that only aid you in your endeavours, but also sync well with your attire to enhance your look:

1. Diamond 


This is clearly the most popular stone that most people use to enhance their look. A classic choice among many individuals, this can be worn all year round. It’s flawless sparkle and shine gives it a commanding feel and can go well with almost any dress you wear. 

2. Blue Sapphire 

The Blue Sapphire, which is also the September birthstone, comes in an attractive deep blue colour that looks good throughout the year. In winters, the stone shines even brighter and gives the wearer a majestic feel. 

3. Ruby 

The ruby is a stone you will fall in love with as soon as you look at it. Vibrant and charming, it is a stunning choice that complements any dress you wear. It gives out a rich and warm aura that makes you feel more confident and approachable.

4. Aquamarine 

This is the exact opposite of the Blue Sapphire. This stone is subtle hue of blue and gives out a calm and gentle vibe. It is a lovely natural colour and complements all your light colour attires. Like the diamond, this too, give you a rich feel.

5. Tanzanite 

This stone is purple in colour and is visually very striking. Unlike the classic blue and clear hues, it helps you stand out and looks good on all dark colours. The gorgeous deep blue-purple tones in the stone really dazzles in the spotlight.

6. Pearl 

It’s often considered as the most beautiful gem. Signifying purity, beauty, compassion, protection, and love, it is commonly worn by people as an ornament. A symbol of love, this stone eases the mind and has a soothing influence on the body.

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