What is Coral? Moonga

Myluckystones.com Moonga Ratna (Coral gemstone)

The astrological benefits of coral gemstone is governed by the energies of Mars,. is only understood, that this Gemstone helps in fighting battles against laziness, procrastination and other negative habits.

It also helps to purify the blood of the wearer and hence combats boils and acne. Often helpful as a protection against depression. It gives energy and vigor and also helps in controlling the temperament of the wearer. Its healing effect is useful in every aspect of life.

Astrological benefits of coral gemstone

Mars is known as the God of warfare and thus Moonga is recommended for those working in armed forces and police forces. It is also beneficial for those looking to increase their patience and cool their temperament Moongas directly affect the Base Chakra, also known as the Root Chakra. A balanced Root chakra is most important for any kind of growth- physical or spiritual. Moong as help to harness utility. Astrological benefits of coral gemstone are many but you need a right and natural stone. Which we can help at myluckystones because our online astrologer will guide you in the process.

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Need success in business?

Need success in business? As per Vadic astrology, gemstones carry hidden, mystical powers and healing properties. That help align the chakras of a person and provides success and good luck. That’s why, most people invest in them and at the same time use them as good luck. Cure illness or attract positive vibes. Most businessmen and academics across the world today, have huge belief in these stones and wear them either as a ring or as a pendant.

Need success in business?

Though there are different gemstones that can be used to achieve different motives. There are some which are specially recommended for those who wish to seek success in their business. A world of caution though, is that one needs to consult an astrologer. And wear a gemstone according to their horoscope and life charts. Here are some of the most popular gemstones recommended for businessmen who wish to have a thriving business:

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Cats Eye

This stone is commonly referred to as the ‘tail of the dragon’. While doing any business, having competition or enemies is common. This stone is known to subdue enemies and drive away any negative forces, that are acting against the wearer. This stone is said to attract success and helps the wearer gain divine knowledge, mystic experiences and psychic abilities. It helps all the things to go smoothly in your favour by removing any blocks prevailing in the wearer’s chakras.

Hessonite Garnet

Hessonite Garnet is a gemstone which helps in the success of business enterprises. It realigns the Chakras in the wearer’s body, right from the base chakra to the crown. A stone that has a rich heritage, it was used throughout history by warriors during wars and battles as it is said to give protection and security. Today, it is referred to budding entrepreneurs and people who are appearinf for a job for the first time as it helps build successful careers and businesses.


Sodalite is said to attract knowledge, intelligence, courage, communication, and efficiency. It gives the wearer the courage and confidence to face any situation, thereby allowing him to take up challenges and become successful. It is specially favourable for people who are introverts as this helps fosters proficiency, knowledge, and communication. Therefore, actors, performers, and artists choose sodalite to achieve success in their respective fields.


You will notice that everybody who deals in business wears this.  It gives the wearer more confidence, promotes prosperity. Bright yellow in colour, this stone is usually placed in cash registers and hanged in offices as it is said to attract more business and drive away any negative force


Bright orange colour stone, is known to attract success and usher prosperity and productivity. It removes fear from the minds to the wearer and makes him or her more creative and courageous.


The Coral is the prosperity stone. Coral for courage and success in life also known as Moonga. This stone corresponds to the planet Mars. A stable career, a thriving business and an abundance of material happiness.


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