A guide to Indian astrological gemstones: what to wear & for what reason.

As per Indian astrology, gemstones are associated to the celestial wonders of the universe. They harp on the energies of nature and the cosmos and give the wearer mythical powers. According to a person’s horoscope and life chart, different gemstones are prescribed to people to achieve their desired results. Here are some of the common problems many people face because the right gemstone can resolve them:

For marriage

There are many stones that one can wear to resolve the issue of marriage. Though the right gemstone varies from person to person, some of the popular gemstones that are commonly referred to people are the ruby, the blue sapphire or the Neelam, the emerald, etc. These stones create a favourable condition for the wearer to meet their ideal partner. Or, in cases of a struggling relationship, this stone is believed to bring peace and create a more healthy and romantic relationship.

Lucky Stones can achieve your goal

For children.

For kids too, there are several kinds of gemstones that can help shape their life and careers better. Some of them are the amethyst, moonstone, rose quartz, tiger eye (Buy Now), and more. Therefore these stones help children overcome obstacles. Right form improving their concentration and improving their education to keeping them healthy and active, the perfect gemstone can do marvels for your kid.

For politics, employment, finding the right job or career.

The hessonite granite, emerald, coral and cat’s eye are some of the gemstones that help bring success in job and career. After carefully reading the horoscope of the person because wearing the right gemstone can bring about a lot of positivity in one’s work environment. One can begin to feel more confident, their efforts will begin to get appreciated and people who are appearing for their first job or are looking for a new job will find what they are looking for by wearing the correct gemstone.

For monetary stability.

Citrine, green Aventurine, pyrite, jade are some of the gemstones that bring money and most importantly financial success to a person. These stones facilitate in growth and development, and at the same time is said to also bring wisdom and more efficiency in handling money, because it will help in emotional clarity and balance.

For health.

Good health and wellness are some of the things everybody seeks in his or her life. These stones boost you up whenever you are feeling down and helps to improve mental clarity and therefore improves everyday mood and bring hope and faith. They help in creating a calm and stress-free environment.

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What is a Firoza Ratna?

Myluckystones.com Firoza gemstone (Turquoise)

Firoza gemstone is popularly known as turquoise. The Firoza Ratna stone is closely connected to one’s Karmic deeds. Hence the wearer is inclined to do good. He stone has multiple benefits, it’s  not only  cures physical ailments like migraines and blood pressure. But also helps in curing mental problems like depression and panic attacks. it gives clarity of thought and strengthens relations. Firoza Ratna helps the wearer gain spiritual inclination and also boosts creativity, stability and strength.

It is believed that Venus is the ruling planet for Firoza gemstone. Hence Jarkan wearers are capable of attracting the much needed physical-spiritual-emotional balance. It brings peace and purity to the wearer.  The Firoza stone is known to affect the Throat Chakra. It helps the wearer shed all inhibitions and release himself/herself from situations of the past. It helps the wearer to become free and closer to the inner self. 

Firoza gemstone
Turquoise stone (Firoza Ratna) 

Salman Khan seen generally wearing Firoza in a bracelet.  

Salman Khan with Firoza Gemstones
Salman Khan with Firoza Gemstones

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What is Tiger Eye stone? -Chiti Ratna

MyLuckyStones Chiti Ratna  – Tiger Eye 

Chiti Stone Tiger Eye , wearers experience increased vitality in their body and increased vibrancy in their thoughts.   The gemstone helps the body as well as the mind of the wearer. Health and prosperity is boosted; The stone brings in the missing Vigor and helps the wearer’s life to become more complete. It wards off evil eye and brings considerable luck to the wearer. It is also one of the most affordable of all gemstones.

Tiger eye stone

The Chitti Stone is ruled by astrological planets mars and sun, both of which lend their energy to this bold gemstone. Vitality and vigor of both these planets have a positive influence over the wearer’s well being. This gemstone has multiple impacts on two of the most important Chakras of the wearer’s body. The root Chakra strengthens inner strength, while the Solar Plexus chakra helps increase energy in the wearer’s body. (ASK FOR Astrologer)

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Find the perfect gemstone for love?

Find the perfect gemstone for love? Some stones have the ability and the powers to balance and enhance loving relationships, especially between you and your partner. Who are looking to improve relationships with their existing partner. Here are the most common and powerful stones for love:

The Luminous Ruby

The luminous ruby, red and vibrant is used to represent romance, love and self-love. An expensive gemstone, this stone is used to express love. Known to bring integrity, devotion, and happiness, it strengthens the emotional as well as physical bond between the wearer and his or her partner. Confidence booster and stamina booster.

Moon Stone

The Mental peace, is known to be achived by this stone. Known for its powers to balance emotions in the mind, it gives out protective energies that to attract love and affection. 

Moon Stone
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Blue Lace

This stone brings peace to a hectic life. Known for its healing energy, it strengthens intuition, and enhances inspiration, communication, and removes negative feelings like envy and spite

Lemon Quartz

The stone wards off negative powers. It boosts self-confidence and enhances communication, spreads positivity. Creates the perfect rapport between the wearer and his or her partner.


The Amethyst enhances understanding and make the atmosphere more peaceful between partners.Known to bring contentment in life, this stone beings, happiness, and love. Wearing this beautiful purple stone calms the mind and opens the heart.

Find the perfect gemstone for love?


The most beautiful gem pearl . Purity, beauty, compassion, protection, and love. We find people commonly worn as an ornament. A symbol of love, this stone eases the mind and has a soothing influence on the body.

Pearl stone
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