What is Hessonite? (Gomed Ratna)

MyluckyStones’s  Gomed Ratna (Hessonite)

The astrological benefits of Gomed Ratna also known as hessonite, ensure success, health, wealth and luxury in the wearer’s life. Since it directly influences the Muladhara Chakra, which governs our material life, the Gomedh Ratna stone has a positive effect on our goals, strategies and hence we achieve great heights. Increasing clarity in vision, it increases courage in the wearer and helps to express and communicate his/her emotions better. It also helps to cure or heal, complex diseases.

Gomed Ratna

Rahu is undoubtedly an important astrological planet, however it does not have physical existence in the solar system. Signifying the north node of the moon and lower half of a snake, it is an extremely strong planet. The root Chakra or the Muladhara chakra, forms the starting point of our growth. The Kundalini Shakti which is stored in this Root chakra is positively or negatively affected by Rahu. Gomedh helps to balance this energy. The astrological benefits of Gomed Ratna.

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