Should gemstones be worn according to the date of birth?

Indian Vedic Astrology is a deep study that has fascinated scientists for several decades. The study of gemstones is a branch of that science that deals with several precious gemstones garnering energy from the several planets of the world and other celestial wonders to give the wearer the desired results. It is a very complicated science and people often consult people who have rich experience in understanding life chart and horoscopes.

In Indian Vedic Astrology choosing the right gemstone depends largely on the date of birth of a wearer and their life charts. Depending on the date of birth, the horoscope of the person is determined and after carefully taking into consideration the life charts of the person, because the right stone is decided to help him or her achieve the desired results. This is the most crucial step. Because all the gemstones a special and has different powers. The right gemstone differs according to the person wearing it.

Indian Vedic Astrology, Lucky Stones for your growth

Strengthened your life chart with indian Vedic astrology.

Often, to ascertain which gemstone to wear, one must know which part of their life chart needs to be strengthened or weakened. Studying the position of the planets and their alignment to the sun. In Vedic Astrology, every planet has a particular gemstone. For example, the ruby is for the Sun, pearl is for the Moon, red coral is for Mars, emerald is for Mercury, yellow sapphire is for Jupiter, diamond (Buy Now) is for Venus and blue sapphire is for Saturn.

To put across the logic behind wearing gemstone to you in the easiest manner, according to some life charts, wearing the right gemstone helps in maximising the effect of a particular planet. It means that if you wear the gemstone of a balefic planet according to your horoscope. You will gain more benefits from that planet. Whereas, if you wear the gemstone of a malefic planet, you may be in trouble. As you will increase the power of your enemy planet.

To summarise, one’s date of birth plays a major role in determining which gemstone; It is very important because, after finding out the exact beneficial planet in your horoscope. Then only can one know which gemstone to wear. It all depends on the condition of the plants, their alignment.

Indian Vedic astrology the source of wealth

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What is Emerald? Panna

Myluckystones’s Panna Ratna (Emerald Gemstone)

The astrological benefits of Emerald stone, stimulates optimism by attracting positive elements from the air. It helps in getting clarity of speech, avoiding fickle-mindedness and directing focus where it is needed the most. The energies of Panna Ratna also assist in curing various physical ailments like breathing problems, cancer, hypertension, paralysis etc. Intellectuals and seekers benefit the most by wearing this gemstone. It encourages compassion and love.

Emerald Gemstones

It is a good idea indeed to gift an Panna to a loved one. Expression, rationalization and awareness are three vital aspects that can be balanced by the Panna stone Panna directly influences the Anahata Chakra. If one reacts to everyday nuances in a very extreme manner, Panna helps to keep the balance. It helps us comprehend our emotions and deal with them in a better way.

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What is Coral? Moonga Moonga Ratna (Coral gemstone)

The astrological benefits of coral gemstone is governed by the energies of Mars,. is only understood, that this Gemstone helps in fighting battles against laziness, procrastination and other negative habits.

It also helps to purify the blood of the wearer and hence combats boils and acne. Often helpful as a protection against depression. It gives energy and vigor and also helps in controlling the temperament of the wearer. Its healing effect is useful in every aspect of life.

Astrological benefits of coral gemstone

Mars is known as the God of warfare and thus Moonga is recommended for those working in armed forces and police forces. It is also beneficial for those looking to increase their patience and cool their temperament Moongas directly affect the Base Chakra, also known as the Root Chakra. A balanced Root chakra is most important for any kind of growth- physical or spiritual. Moong as help to harness utility. Astrological benefits of coral gemstone are many but you need a right and natural stone. Which we can help at myluckystones because our online astrologer will guide you in the process.

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What is Hessonite? (Gomed Ratna)

MyluckyStones’s  Gomed Ratna (Hessonite)

The astrological benefits of Gomed Ratna also known as hessonite, ensure success, health, wealth and luxury in the wearer’s life. Since it directly influences the Muladhara Chakra, which governs our material life, the Gomedh Ratna stone has a positive effect on our goals, strategies and hence we achieve great heights. Increasing clarity in vision, it increases courage in the wearer and helps to express and communicate his/her emotions better. It also helps to cure or heal, complex diseases.

Gomed Ratna

Rahu is undoubtedly an important astrological planet, however it does not have physical existence in the solar system. Signifying the north node of the moon and lower half of a snake, it is an extremely strong planet. The root Chakra or the Muladhara chakra, forms the starting point of our growth. The Kundalini Shakti which is stored in this Root chakra is positively or negatively affected by Rahu. Gomedh helps to balance this energy. The astrological benefits of Gomed Ratna.

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What is Ruby? (Manak)’s  Manak Ratna (Ruby)

The astrological benefits of Manak Ratna also known as ruby in English, Rubies are known to boost vitality by influencing blood circulation in the wearer. This is a stone that focusing on the development and growth of the ‘self’.

It is deeply associated with the matters of love, given its colour and vigor. The hotness in nature and thus extremely impactful while overcoming depression, boredom or any kind of dullness. It helps to generate passion, improve eyesight and also achieve progress in true self-awareness.

Ruby gemstones Manak Ratna

Sun is the reason for life. It nurtures us humans, while giving us the vitality and energy we need in the outside world. Wearing a Manak, provokes this energy, thus positively influencing the wearer’s body, mind and soul. Affects the Base Chakra, or Root Chakra. A balanced Root chakra is most important for any kind of growth- physical or spiritual. Rubies play their part in the balancing.

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What is Diamond? (Heera) – Heera Ratna (Diamond)

The benefits of Heera, diamond. Heera Ratna is popularly known as diamond, is often called a healing stone. Due to its purifying and illuminating effect on the wearer’s Aura. Diamond is all girls favourite, the bigger the diamond bigger the jump of joy and happiness. Heera Ratna is known to be an embodiment of grace, beauty, love and trust all over the world. One of the major reasons why most prefer a Heera Ratna engagement  ring over any other. Heera Ratna cleanses the wearer’s negative aura, giving way for clarity of thought.

Diamond Stone well known as Heera

Venus is the planet for diamond. Wearing a Heera helps to balance Venus and increase wealth, romance, glamour, happiness, luxury and also the chances of a long lasting loving marriage. The Crown Chakra is one of the most important Chakras since it connects us to our innermost beliefs and patterns. We become harmonious with the world.

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What is Sunela Gemstones? (Citrine)’s Sunela Ratna (Citrine

Sunela Ratna also known as Citrine in English,  is used to improve psychic ability in the wearer as well as to probe clarity and. The stone redirects energies in such a way that the wearer’s wallet remains heavy. It helps to reduce expenses and multiply income. Instigating fresh hopes, it also detoxifies the body and cures various ailments of sleep, liver, kidney etc. It works wonders for writers, artists those in the field of creation, since it boosts creativity.

Citrine gemstones

Sunela is used to improve psychic ability in the wearer as well as to probe clarity and direction of thought. The stone redirects energies in such a way that the wearer’s wallet remains heavy. It helps to curb expenses and multiply income. Instigating fresh hopes, it also detoxifies the body and cures various ailments of sleep, liver, kidney etc. It works wonders for writers, artists those in the field of creation, since it boosts creativity.

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What is a Firoza Ratna? Firoza gemstone (Turquoise)

Firoza gemstone is popularly known as turquoise. The Firoza Ratna stone is closely connected to one’s Karmic deeds. Hence the wearer is inclined to do good. He stone has multiple benefits, it’s  not only  cures physical ailments like migraines and blood pressure. But also helps in curing mental problems like depression and panic attacks. it gives clarity of thought and strengthens relations. Firoza Ratna helps the wearer gain spiritual inclination and also boosts creativity, stability and strength.

It is believed that Venus is the ruling planet for Firoza gemstone. Hence Jarkan wearers are capable of attracting the much needed physical-spiritual-emotional balance. It brings peace and purity to the wearer.  The Firoza stone is known to affect the Throat Chakra. It helps the wearer shed all inhibitions and release himself/herself from situations of the past. It helps the wearer to become free and closer to the inner self. 

Firoza gemstone
Turquoise stone (Firoza Ratna) 

Salman Khan seen generally wearing Firoza in a bracelet.  

Salman Khan with Firoza Gemstones
Salman Khan with Firoza Gemstones

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What is Hakik and its benefits? Hakik – Aget Ratna

What is Hakik and its astrological benefits? The Aget Ratna stone (Hakik) is very beneficial in stabilizing and directing the wearer’s emotions in a positive manner. When it comes to generating feelings of acceptance and courage and forgiveness. If you are working towards healthy relationships and emotional stability, the Aget Ratna stone is sure to help you achieve your goal.

hakik stone the protect from evil eye

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What is Amethyst? Katela Ratna Amethyst – Katela Ratna

The benefits of wearing Amethyst?

Katela ratna is popularly known as Amethyst, in English which  is a hit in medical astrology as it is known to be a great remedy for back pain and stomach pain.  One of the greatest benefits of wearing the Katela Ratna stone is its impact over the wearer’s spiritual life. The stone is beneficial in meditation. It also helps restore balance, harmony and knowledge in the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of the wearer’s life. It defeats sources of inferiority complex. ASK FOR ASTROLOGER

Katela is known to have multiple benefic effects over the wearers mind as well as the body. That it affects two most important chakras of the body: Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.  Considered as the father of time and matter, Saturn indeed impacts a large part of a person’s life. Katela wearers encourage benefits from the Saturn.

Amethyst stones, Raw stone, is one brand that provides absolutely natural and authentic gemstones. In order to check the authenticity, we have our stones tested in any laboratory of your choice. You receive an authenticity certificate along with the desired stone. We provide you with the required instructions on how to wear the gemstone.   


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