What is Emerald? Panna

Myluckystones’s Panna Ratna (Emerald Gemstone)

The astrological benefits of Emerald stone, stimulates optimism by attracting positive elements from the air. It helps in getting clarity of speech, avoiding fickle-mindedness and directing focus where it is needed the most. The energies of Panna Ratna also assist in curing various physical ailments like breathing problems, cancer, hypertension, paralysis etc. Intellectuals and seekers benefit the most by wearing this gemstone. It encourages compassion and love.

Emerald Gemstones

It is a good idea indeed to gift an Panna to a loved one. Expression, rationalization and awareness are three vital aspects that can be balanced by the Panna stone Panna directly influences the Anahata Chakra. If one reacts to everyday nuances in a very extreme manner, Panna helps to keep the balance. It helps us comprehend our emotions and deal with them in a better way.

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