Alternate to precious gemstones.

Let’s see some alternate to precious gemstones. Some gemstones are very expensive. So much so that investing in them requires a whole lot of money. But, we all know the virtues and the powers of gemstones. So, in cases when you cannot afford an expensive gemstone like a diamond, there are other alternatives you can explore.

Before wearing an alternative stones you should consult someone knowledgeable about this. As you can consult our team of gemstone experts at Horoscope and life chart changes for everyone so do alternative gemstone do also.

List of alternative gemstones worn to some expensive stones:

Morganite is traditionally pink to orange-pink in colour. A variety of the Beryl gemstone¸ this which resemble an emerald (Buy Now), they get their colour from the trace amounts of chromium.

The substitute to any expensive gemstone is Garnet. That’s because, it is available in a every colour imaginable. The presence of many impurities and a composition of different minerals gives it this unique property. People can easily use this as a substitute for an expensive gemstone they are looking for.

Zircon Gemstones a sub stone to diamond

Moissanite has all the characteristics of a diamond (Buy Now). Not easyly available but it has reasonable priced and it suggested as an alternative to diamond. And it is believed that it can act the way a diamond does.

The Moonstone, according to Indian Astrology, is a superior alternative gemstone of the Natural Pearl. Peace, calmness, serenity, good health and vitality are some of the benefits by moonstone.

Pearl Gemstones to which moonstone can be a sub stone

The Gemstone of Venus, the White Sapphire is believed to bring wealth to the wearer. Along with that, it is also worn so that the wearer’s immunity gets a boost and leads a good, healthy life. It is also beneficial for reproductive health. Alternate to precious gemstones are available but ask the right person.

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What is Pearl? Moti’s Moti Ratna (Pearl Gemstone)

The astrological benefits of Pearl also known as Moti, is “Acting as a protective shield” and a healing gem stone the Moti Ratna also boosts the wearer’s memory. An embodiment of a balanced and calm mind, it is quite often used to ward of negative tendencies like aggression. It helps control mental agitations of the wearer and guides in seeking solution with a calm and holistic perspective.

pearl gemstones moti

Similar to the tides on earth, the moon’s gravity pull has quite an effect on human beings. Motis help in stimulating the balancing energies of moon by countering inner dryness. Moti is the gemstone of mind, emotions and the soul. So it is only natural that Motis effect our Sacral Chakra. Also known as Swadhisthana, this is the Chakra responsible for creativity, wellness, pleasure and abundance.

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