What is Diamond? (Heera)

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The benefits of Heera, diamond. Heera Ratna is popularly known as diamond, is often called a healing stone. Due to its purifying and illuminating effect on the wearer’s Aura. Diamond is all girls favourite, the bigger the diamond bigger the jump of joy and happiness. Heera Ratna is known to be an embodiment of grace, beauty, love and trust all over the world. One of the major reasons why most prefer a Heera Ratna engagement  ring over any other. Heera Ratna cleanses the wearer’s negative aura, giving way for clarity of thought.

Diamond Stone well known as Heera

Venus is the planet for diamond. Wearing a Heera helps to balance Venus and increase wealth, romance, glamour, happiness, luxury and also the chances of a long lasting loving marriage. The Crown Chakra is one of the most important Chakras since it connects us to our innermost beliefs and patterns. We become harmonious with the world.

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What is a Firoza Ratna?

Myluckystones.com Firoza gemstone (Turquoise)

Firoza gemstone is popularly known as turquoise. The Firoza Ratna stone is closely connected to one’s Karmic deeds. Hence the wearer is inclined to do good. He stone has multiple benefits, it’s  not only  cures physical ailments like migraines and blood pressure. But also helps in curing mental problems like depression and panic attacks. it gives clarity of thought and strengthens relations. Firoza Ratna helps the wearer gain spiritual inclination and also boosts creativity, stability and strength.

It is believed that Venus is the ruling planet for Firoza gemstone. Hence Jarkan wearers are capable of attracting the much needed physical-spiritual-emotional balance. It brings peace and purity to the wearer.  The Firoza stone is known to affect the Throat Chakra. It helps the wearer shed all inhibitions and release himself/herself from situations of the past. It helps the wearer to become free and closer to the inner self. 

Firoza gemstone
Turquoise stone (Firoza Ratna) 

Salman Khan seen generally wearing Firoza in a bracelet.  

Salman Khan with Firoza Gemstones
Salman Khan with Firoza Gemstones

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What is Ruby? – King of all gemstones.

The ruby gemstone, popularly known as the Manikya stone. That is a precious stone that is inspired by the planet sun. In Hinduism, the sun is at the centre of our culture and plays an important role. It is the main source of energy and the most important aspect of the universe. The ruby, imbibes the energy of the sun, and is therefore the strongest and much-revered gemstone by all.

The natural ruby (Manikya Stone) is a precious gemstone that attracts individuals across all age groups. Its mystical powers and association with true and absolute luxury are legendary. The gemstone of the sun, the king of the zodiac, apart from its powers, it is also one of the few coloured gemstones that are more expensive than colourless diamonds.

Here are some of the astrological benefits of using the ruby (Manikya) gemstone.

1. Wearing the ruby helps increase a person’s confidence. People who feel shy or are nervous and can’t make themselves heard can use this stone as it helps boost a person’s morale. According to the Indian horoscope, the sun is a natural ‘aatmakaraka’ and wearing a ruby enhances it.

2. The ruby (Manikya stone) attracts support from the state, the higher authorities and the administration. Whatever hindrances come in your way, can help ease the situation.

3. Since the ruby is red in colour, a colour that represents passion and love, the stone represents a strong bond.

4. The ruby is usually recommended to sweep away negativity. The bright colour, intensity and the heat of ruby is said to replenish the persona of a person who is prone to depression.

5. Throughout history, ruby was a gem worn by kings and royalty. It was used ot connote luxury and their royal status. Today, a person with a favourable sun in his or her natal chart is recommended to wear the stone so that he or she can attain kingly status.

6. One noteworthy quality of the ruby is that it is said to wear off confusion give its user an alert and a keen eye. The stone helps those who are unable to concentrate on their goals by giving them mental strength.

7. Medical astrology, the ruby is also said to restore vitality and help enhance eyesight and blood circulation in a person’s body.

8. A well-known benefit of the stone is that it improves self-awareness, and makes them more aware of the truth.

9. The manikya with its fiery red corresponds to the Muladhara chakra and can help in balancing it with gemstone chakra therapy.

10. Another benefit of the ruby is that it proves favourable in passing competitive exams such as practitioners of medicine, agriculturists, politicians and government personnel.

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