The art of choosing the perfect gem stone.

The perfect gemstones for you? We all know the wonders wearing the right gem stone can do for us. But, aren’t fully aware of the entire study of gemstones. For most people, the path to getting themselves a gem stone is laid with many obstacles. Like, not knowing which one to use? Or failing to understand which one will suit us the best? How much these gem stones cost?

Here’s a simple guide to aid you in your search for the perfect gem stone. After reading this, we hope you get the answers you are seeking for and feel confident and about choosing the perfect gemstone for you.

Gemstones are majorly of two types:‘Precious’ and ‘Semi-precious.’ The Precious gems comprise of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. And the Semi-precious gems comprise of every other stone apart from the Precious gems.These two categories of gems vary in price as some of them are very rare and command top dollar. While, some others are, however beautiful, common and easily affordable.

Which Gemstone is Right for You?

Depending on your horoscope, and what you wish to achieve in life, whether it’s overcoming financial crisis or getting rid of hindrances in life, you choose the right gem stone for you. There are separate gem stones that will help you achieve specific results, and there are a number of ways to determine which gems are right for you. Another major factor to consider while purchasing gem stones is to first decide how you plan to wear it.

For instance, a gemstone pendant will not be subjected to much wear and tear, as it will hardly come in contact with other surfaces. The same is the case with gemstone earrings. However, a ring or bracelet, is more likely to come in contact with many things, some of which can damage the gemstone. One suggestion is when wearing gems on the wrist or the hand, consider choosing a gem with a Mohs hardness rating of seven or higher.

How much would a gemstone cost?

Are you planning to wear your gemstone every day? Are you wearing it because of some belief or are you seeking to use it more like a statement piece?

Some Semi-precious gems like amethyst, citrine, peridot, turquoise, and treated topaz are not that expensive, but are large and colourful in appearance. Whereas, if you are looking at buying a Precious gem, like rubies, sapphires, etc. Usually, the price of the stone increases with its size and quality. 

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