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Chiti Stone Tiger Eye , wearers experience increased vitality in their body and increased vibrancy in their thoughts.   The gemstone helps the body as well as the mind of the wearer. Health and prosperity is boosted; The stone brings in the missing Vigor and helps the wearer’s life to become more complete. It wards off evil eye and brings considerable luck to the wearer. It is also one of the most affordable of all gemstones.

Tiger eye stone

The Chitti Stone is ruled by astrological planets mars and sun, both of which lend their energy to this bold gemstone. Vitality and vigor of both these planets have a positive influence over the wearer’s well being. This gemstone has multiple impacts on two of the most important Chakras of the wearer’s body. The root Chakra strengthens inner strength, while the Solar Plexus chakra helps increase energy in the wearer’s body. (ASK FOR Astrologer)

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MyLuckyStones.com is a sister concern company of Rajmal Lakhichand which is building trust since 1854. We at myluckystones.com always prefer to give quality and the best services and product possible. Maintaining our customer base is very important and we work towards it. We try to fulfil all kind of astrological needs you as a customer may have. We currently provide free gemstone recommendation, Free daily panchang, Free horoscope and Free kundali matching services.

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