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Cats Eye (Lehsunia)

Cats Eye (Lehsunia)

Cat’s eye also known as ‘Lehsunia’ or ‘Vaidurya’ is most beneficial to improve a wearer’s perception.The Cat’s Eye Gemstone is known to reduce the malefic effects of ‘Ketu’ and increase its beneficial qualities.This gemstone has gained popularity not only due to its mystical appearance, but also because of its mysterious healing power. The Cat’s Eye is known to bring luck and also trigger the wearer’s intuitive and spiritual powers. It heals emotional wounds and stimulates creativity. Encouraging self-control or detachment from unhealthy materialism, itis knownto help in curing terminal diseases likeparalysis and cancer. 

Chemical Composition: (Al2 (BeO4)

Made from Beryllium Aluminum Oxide, the Cat’s Eye Gem Stone has a remarkable hardness of 8.5 on Mohs scale. It has a white streak of light running through the center, which makes the stone look like a Cat’s Eye.

Cosmic Color: Infra-Red

Infra-red has the hottest cosmic color rays, hence Cat’s Eye stone has one of the fastest influences over the wearer. It is available in various colors between shades of honey yellow and green. It is also found in black.

Astrological Planet: Ketu

Ketu is a mythical planet and does not have a physical form. In astrology, Ketu is believed to be responsible for influencing our karmic gains and losses. Cat’s eye can make the Karmic losses less painful and stimulate gains.

Affected Chakra:  Heart chakra

Cat’s eye emits strong vibrations that positively influence various chakras. The heart chakra is primary, while alignment of the torso chakras like the Solar Plexus, the sacral chakra and the Third-Eye Chakra is secondary.

Birthstone: All

Since ‘Ketu’ is not a physical planet, but an intangible energy (the tail of Rahu), this planet is not associated with any particular birth sign or month. Any Rashi can use this to their benefit after astrological consultation. 

How To Wear?

The Cat’s Eye stone is recommended to be worn in a gold or silver ring on the middle finger of the right hand. 

Disclamer:This is our personal view. It is not to heart any ones sentiments and thoghts.


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