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Coral (Moonga)

Coral (Moonga)

Coral also called ‘Praval’ is known to purify blood while increasing energy and vitality of the wearer.

Coral stone increases the influence of the red planet- Mars which is considered to be the God of warfare.
Governed by the energies of Mars, is only understood, that this Gemstone helps in fighting battles against laziness, procrastination and other negative habits. It also helps to purify the blood of the wearer and hence combats boils and acne. It is often helpful as a protection against depression. It gives energy and vigor and also helps in controlling the temperament of the wearer. Its healing effect is useful in every aspect of life.


With a hardness of 3.5-4 on Mohs scale, coral is one of the most unique gemstones. It is created because of the skeleton-like Calcium Carbonate (With traces of magnesium) deposits, of invertebrates living under water.  


Corals can be found in various shades of Pink, red and scarlet, however all of them transmit the same cosmic color-yellow. This color strengthens the blood, bones and muscles of the wearer, thus boosting his/her energy.


Mars is known as the God of warfare and thus Coral is recommended for those working in armed forces and police forces. It is also beneficial for those looking to increase their patience and cool their temperament.


Corals directly affect the Base Chakra, also known as the Root Chakra. A balanced Root chakra is most important for any kind of growth- physical or spiritual. Corals help to harness utility and courage in the wearer.


Corals are the birthstone of Aries and are extremely helpful for building confidence and strength of the wearer. It can prove beneficial for Pisces, Sagittarius, Leo and Cancer also after an astrological consultation.

Disclamer:This is our personal view. It is not to heart any ones sentiments and thoghts.

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