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Diamond (Heera)

Diamond known as ‘Heera’, unifies the mind and body to create energies that intensify emotions. 

Diamond is often called a healing stone due to its purifying and illuminating effect on the wearer’s Aura.
Diamond is known to be an embodiment of grace, beauty, love and trust all over the world. One of the major reasons why most prefer a diamond wedding ring over any other. Diamond cleanses the wearer’s aura, giving way for clarity of thought. With an unparalleled hardness, it is also associated with ‘invincibility’ making it the strongest gemstone to heal physical, emotional and spiritual ailments.


Diamond is surprisingly made from the same element that forms Graphite. A mere re-arrangement of the molecular structure, makes it the strongest, giving it the highest ranking of 10 on Mohs scale of hardness. 


Diamonds which are found in various colors ranging from transparent white to yellowish and brown, can also be found in a rare blue, pink or purple. The cosmic color helps in curing various issues of lungs and infertility.


The astrological planet Venus is governed by diamond energy. Wearing a diamond helps to balance Venus and increase wealth, romance, glamour, happiness, luxury and also the chances of a long lasting loving marriage.


The Crown Chakra is one of the most important Chakras since it connects us to our innermost beliefs and patterns. With the help of Diamonds this chakra can be balanced and we become harmonious with the world.

BIRTHSTONE: Virgo and Libra

Believed to bestow good luck and prosperity on the wearer, diamond is most recommended for Virgo and Libra. It can also be worn by Capricorns, Aquarians or Sagittarius under strict astrological conditions. 

Disclamer:This is our personal view. It is not to heart any ones sentiments and thoghts.

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