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Moon Stone (Chandrakant Mani)

Moon Stone (Chandrakant Mani)

Moonstone, also known as’ Chandrakant Mani’ works wonders to substitute the benefits of Pearl. 

ORIGIN: Armenia, Australia, Mexico, India, Poland, Madagascar, Sri Lanka …

Moonstone ensures a calm disposition in the wearer. It has a beneficial effect on the wearer’s emotions.
Moonstone is generally recommended widely for women, since it has a positive impact on their hormonal cycle. Since it is a gemstone that has an impact on the wearer’s mind, those suffering from anxiety, depression, anger or other mental health issues, can gain multiple solutions and find solace in the coolness of this stone.


Moonstone is basically a sodium potassium aluminum silicate. It is available in various colors like blue, grey, white, peach, green and even brown. It has a rating of six on Mohs scale of hardness and has opalescent luster. 


Similar to the disposition of white gemstones, even moonstones reflect a cosmic color of orange. This cooling gemstone, with its cosmic color is known to be highly energizing for emotional balance and mental health. 


As explicitly as the name suggests, it is no surprise that the moonstone is ruled by moon. Similar to the pearls effect on the wearer, the moonstone brings about a soothing and cooling effect, especially in women wearers.


Since the Moonstone has a great impact on the Sacral chakra, it is recommended for women who are trying to conceive. The moonstone is known to boost fertility in women as well as to maintain emotional balance.

BIRTHSTONE: Cancer, Pisces

The Moonstone and the pearl are two separate gemstones each ruled by moon. It is necessary to consult an astrologer to get maximum benefit. The stone is widely recommended for Pisces and Cancer zodiac signs.


This stone is generally worn as a ring. It is strongly recommended that silver metal be used in the making of the ring. It must be worn in the little finger of the right hand after due cleansing and activation of the stone.

Disclamer:This is our personal view. It is not to heart any ones sentiments and thoghts.

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