Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Daily zodiac predictions for 13-November-2018

The day is favourable for enjoying good time with family. On the professional front you may take a decision to enter in a new venture or job that you have been hankering after. Your health would be buoyant and this would help you to work hard. Romance would be satisfying during this period and this is also the period when you would be spending lavishly on the person you love.

Daily zodiac predictions for 14-November-2018

The day is favourable for enjoying good time with family and friends. However people you do not like to get along with would be looking for an opportunity to undermine you. This would hurt you emotionally. The feeling of well-being would start settling as the day draws to a close. There are chances of receiving some news/ information that would be helpful for you in future.

Daily zodiac predictions for 15-November-2018

You could confront a bumpy ride at workplace. Teaming-up with ambitious people would augur well for the future. Some of you would be successful in creating an additional source of income. Investing money on items growing in value would be the best bet. This day is favourable to share the company of romantic partner as well as sorting out past differences with close friends.

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